Ten Useful Writer’s Websites

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When typing into the Google search engine “websites for writers” or “writer’s websites” there are over 24.5 million results that pop up for you to view.  That is a lot of websites to go through to find some of the web’s top author sites that offer great resources to writers.  Here are ten websites for writers out of those 24.5 million that will offer you useful tools and great resources right at the tips of your fingers.

1. Agent Query – This is a site that offers a large searchable database of literary agents on the web.  This site updates its listings regularly and offers information on reputable and established literary agents.  This website also offers its services for free, which is great in a world where very few things are.

2. Freelance Writing Gigs – FWJ is a great writer’s website because it offers job listings for freelance writers, informational articles on writing and how to make your writing career successful.

3. Funds for Writers – This website offers a few free newsletters that you can subscribe to. These newsletters list writing contests and grants that you can participate in to win money.  There is a lot of good feedback from other authors that have used this site you can see in testimonials listed throughout their page. There is also a paid subscription that is available if you find their free newsletters compelling and useful.

4. Bella Online – This particular page on this website offers a wide variety of great resources for nonfiction writers.  There are journalism sites, speechwriting sites, technical writing sites, author networking sites, news feeds and more that are offered.  Just browse what is listed and you may be surprised by what you can find.

5. The Wayback Machine – This website is useful for those writers that need to find a website that no longer exists, but that they still need the information from.  This website offers a large database of archived websites, media images, and other content that goes all the way back to 1996.

6. Auto Crit – Auto Crit is a useful author’s site.  It offers writers an automated editing service that points out the grammatical and formatting errors in their manuscript.  This site allows writers to take their manuscript to the next level by allowing to make revisions that they might not have otherwise thought about. There is a free membership for the service that this site offers, but it also has upgraded paid memberships that offer more features.  Information for pricing and other author testimonials can be found on the site.

7. Bartleby – If you are looking for a good quote or free access to online encyclopedias and other reference pages, then you have come to the right site.  Bartleby is a great page for any writer.

8. Men with Pens – This is an online blog that offers great writing and marketing tips to authors that are constantly looking for new tips to further their career.  This site also offers its website building services and other resource books available for sale that can help you along the way.

9. Copyblogger – If you need information on copyrighting and publishing, then this is the site to go to.  They have some great articles and other resources that they offer.

10. Procrastinating Writers – This author’s site is for the writer that can’t seem to stay on track with their writing goals.  This page not only offers helpful hints on how to keep on track, but also the founder of the site offers writing coaching services and writing classes if you are looking for more involved help.

This list of writer’s websites should get you off to a good start in your writing needs.  When there are millions of search results to sift through, sometimes a list like this can help point you in the right direction! Best of luck on your writing ventures!

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