The Blogs are great ways to express your self to the world wide web. just like the websites blogs also server a great variety of functions. Many blogs are created just for fun, some people love to portray their daily family living through blogs and others share interesting news and their views as well. The blogs are also a great source of making money online. The popular blogs like mashable are making millions of dollars monthly.

The blogs are hosted at different popular web hosting services with domain registration and hosting fees for keeping them up and running. Luckily their are free blog registration and hosting platforms for those who don’t wish to pay dollars every year. If you are new to blogging and want to go pro then you should try free blogs at first, just to be familiar with the blogging world.The following list of top free blog platforms can help you start you blog right now.


The Bloggers is the worlds largest free blog platform provided with many features and theme options by world know company Google now Alphabet. The blogger best supports all kind of content such as images, text, videos and animated GIFs etc. It is a best Free blog platform to date which also supports Adsense for online income from your blog. You can make money by posting Adsense ads on your blog is it is much popular you can make a good amount of cash from it. give it a try now at Blogger.


WordPress another great online platform for creating free blogs is much popular for its best content management system. The WordPress itself is a popular CMS (Content Management System) which provides best tools to manage website efficiently. URLs of the free blogs created on the platform come with “” extension, like if you want to create a blog with name “blogtips” the URL of the free blog will be “”. The wordpress also allow some sort of monetization of free blogs but it is less rewarding compared to Adsense program. Their are various themes that you can install to improve the looks of your blog. Try it now at WordPress.


The site live journal is another great free blog platform where you can create your own free blog in minutes. unlike Blogger and WordPress it has limited templates and do not support blog monetization. The Live journal is much popular for its easy blogging options where you can start your blog with its “” extension.


Tumblr is another great source that you can use for creating a free blog. The Free blog platform Tumblr brings you best and easy to use free blog platform with its extension of “”. The tumblr is mainly used for social interaction and micro blogging which also helps with having a lot of free templates to improve looks of the blogs. here you can start your free tumblr blog in minutes.


Wix is another popular and free blog platform where you can easily launch your blog. the Wix is much popular for its various blogging features and provides a range of beautiful themes and plugins as well. A lot of people prefer wix for its best and easy blogging options.


Weebly which is also a great blogging spot is home to millions of blogs online. its stability since years is similar to that of popular free blog platforms like blogger and wordpress. the Weebly come with many blogigng tools and themes. the Weebly is much liked choice of millions of users worldwide due to its easy to use blogging tools. Give it a try to launch your free weebly blog now, here.

Their are many other free blog platforms available online but above mentioned are the best ones and easy to start with.

Hope you liked these blogging ideas, please share your favorites in the comments section below.

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