3 Trends That Predict Content Marketing is the Future

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Content marketing has become more important now more than ever. It is changing the world and it is not going any other way but forward. With technologies evolving, content marketing strategies are bound to improve as well.

With some changes already in motion, content systems will offer even more ways of engaging customers. Some of these trends are paving the way for the future of the entire market as a whole.

1. Video Rules the Internet

Video has already taken the reins as the best content marketing medium, with the advent of Youtube, Twitch and Vimeo, plus the short advertisements found in many social media feeds. YouTube alone has over 1 billion active users, who watch over 500 million hours of video daily. Let’s not forget that there is also Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks, that represent significant amounts of video play time.

How have videos become so popular? Video significantly lowers the effort that people need to make in order to find a solution to their problems. Watching or listening to a video reduces the time and effort that people need to resolve tasks. It is intuitive, engages sight and hearing, and requires far less concentration.

Humans are a visual species, and we as humans tend to be easier moved by what we see rather than what we imagine. The appeal of video is that it gives a spectacle to the eyes and usually ears, and people can relate to it better. In an age where everyone is time-poor, the increasing usage of videos makes sense – it is a great way to find what you are looking for with what little time you have.

2. Mobile Optimised Content for Mobile devices

The usage of mobile devices is growing at rapid rates, so there is a need for far better optimisation. Over the past several years, mobile usage has caught up with usage on desktop computers, and in some areas, has already surpassed it. In fact, about half of all video content is now being viewed on mobile devices.

Better optimisation for mobile devices will become a necessity, and search data has been used to adjust content according to the needs of the consumer.

The advent of voice search and personal virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant has made mobile searches even more relevant, especially for local businesses who can thrive in geographically limited searches. This spurs local SEO to grow faster and better – all of this from the rise of mobile devices.

3. Using Virtual Reality in content marketing

Virtual Reality has great potential in offering content because it can bring you a step closer to relating to a business’s products or services by letting you experience them before actually buy them.

The practice is already being used in estate and entertainment. People can visit their potential future homes using VR, or they can bungee jump off a bridge. While not widely used at the moment, the future looks bright for VR as a content marketing strategy.

Being able to have a taste of the experience before you actually decide to go through it is definitely a great potential content marketing strategy.

The Emerging Trends in the Content Industry

VR, mobile phones and video are just a small part of the changes that content marketing are going through right now. There will no doubt be many more ways of finding valuable content and even more platforms that offer it in the future.

Artificial intelligence is in its infancy, currently being propelled for consumer market usage beyond the confines of private organisation servers. Quantum computing is also in its infancy and expected to be useful in two decades. Newer, smarter ways to repurpose the blog are being tried and tested, and the internet is there as the testing ground for new content marketing technologies.

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