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How To Update WordPress Without Any Issue

update wordpresssJust like with any other software update, updating a WordPress plugin is no guarantee that all will go smoothly. Follow this process to minimise any troubles, but if anything does go awry, you’ll need expert assistance. We rely on the team at WP Butler to assist us when the unexpected does happen. They are WordPress experts and can assist with any WordPress issues you might have. Read more

Ten Useful Writer’s Websites

When typing into the Google search engine “websites for writers” or “writer’s websites” there are over 24.5 million results that pop up for you to view.  That is a lot of websites to go through to find some of the web’s top author sites that offer great resources to writers.  Here are ten websites for writers out of those 24.5 million that will offer you useful tools and great resources right at the tips of your fingers. Read more

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5 Salesforce Apps for Mid-Market to Enterprise-Sized Businesses

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Are you utilizing Salesforce apps to accelerate workflows across your organization? Even though Salesforce is an integral part of an enterprise’s technology stack, the platform is far from perfect. In fact, it has many flaws. Salesforce’s features can feel a little clunky at times. With this in mind, you need access to the right integrations to elevate the possibilities of this platform.

Using purpose-built Salesforce integrations, your organization can unlock Salesforce’s potential as a centralizing force in your technology stack. The right mix of Salesforce integrations and apps can unify workflows across your organization and bring all customer data under one roof. The best bit? There is an ever-growing range of Salesforce integrations to choose from.

Breadwinner Payments

How could we write about the best Salesforce integrations without mentioning Breadwinner Payments? If your organization’s sales department cannot safely access relevant financial data, they need to integrate Breadwinner Payments with Salesforce. The solution natively presents real-time financial data inside Salesforce – offering all the data you need in one place.

In terms of how the magic happens, Breadwinner enables organizations to connect Salesforce with popular payment processing platforms, including Stripe, Square, and Braintree. Once everything is neatly integrated, customer financial data is mirrored inside Salesforce in real-time. This is a game-changer for busy sales teams with no time to navigate between platforms.


Mailchimp’s Salesforce integration makes it easy to sync your Mailchimp subscribers and Salesforce leads. This means you can use your CRM data to leverage the full potential of Mailchimp’s marketing tools. From viewing campaign statistics to managing contacts, this integration can play a pivotal role in elevating your organization’s email marketing efforts.


Conga provides you with the necessary tools to rapidly produce documents using CRM data from Salesforce. If you have a treasure trove of customer data in Salesforce, you can use this to streamline and automate key processes, such as populating documents. For large teams with even larger customer bases, this is an effective way to fast-track billing processes.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s integration with Salesforce enables you to embed LinkedIn profiles into your CRM. This functionality can provide your sales team with timely insights on buyers and companies. Sales teams can leverage these to better qualify their prospects. The integration comes with a complete data validation setup to flag any out-of-date contacts. 

Salesforce CRM Dashboards

Salesforce CRM Dashboards from Salesforce Labs is positioned as a “one-stop shop” for dashboards. If you are dealing with a significant amount of CRM data and need to find a sense of clarity, this integration offers dashboards for executives, sales reps, customer support teams, and more. This can make data visualization far easier for all inside Salesforce.

While all of these Salesforce integrations are well-suited to the demands of mid-market to enterprise-sized businesses, Breadwinner represents the cream of the crop.

Take Breadwinner for a test drive with a free trial today, or book a demo with the team.