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How To Update WordPress Without Any Issue

update wordpresssJust like with any other software update, updating a WordPress plugin is no guarantee that all will go smoothly. Follow this process to minimise any troubles, but if anything does go awry, you’ll need expert assistance. We rely on the team at WP Butler to assist us when the unexpected does happen. They are WordPress experts and can assist with any WordPress issues you might have. Read more

Ten Useful Writer’s Websites

When typing into the Google search engine “websites for writers” or “writer’s websites” there are over 24.5 million results that pop up for you to view.  That is a lot of websites to go through to find some of the web’s top author sites that offer great resources to writers.  Here are ten websites for writers out of those 24.5 million that will offer you useful tools and great resources right at the tips of your fingers. Read more

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